7 day Restart

7 days to regain control & feel energised, motivated & great!

We all have periods of time in our lives where we overindulge.

This may be due to holidays or a particular time of year (Christmas holidays, Easter indulgence, summer barbecues).

As a result we feel bloated, lethargic and out of control.  This affects our mood, confidence and often leads us to grab for a "quick fix" extreme that we can't stick to for long and leaves us back at square 1.

Over the next 7 days, I'll take you through a series of bite-sized strategies you can work through at home, to find your way back to You.

Make the most of the support materials and quizzes to ensure you actually put the course into practice.

Buying this course was making that thought that you want to feel different.  If you actually want to feel different, action is now required.

The next 7 days will provide the materials for You to regain control of eating & drinking habits, boost your energy, increase your motivation and achieve your goals....are you ready to act to achieve that?

What's included?

2 Videos
3 Surveys
20 Texts
Lisa Gimenez-Codd
Lisa Gimenez-Codd
Female Health Coach

About the instructor

Lisa is a female health coach specialising in supporting women through transitional stages in their lives with mindset, nutrition and movement coaching.  She has a particular passion for pelvic floor health.   Combined with her expertise and experience in Pilates and exercise for management of low back pain, she provides safe hands for your Core & Floor.

With an easy coaching style, Lisa's approach is to provide all the tools, motivation and support you need for you to achieve your health, fitness & wellbeing goals.


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Take 7 days to restart your motivation, boost your energy and regain control of your eating.

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